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World mapJun.03.2020

YouTube will ban the videos with myths about coronavirus


YouTube will ban the publication of videos about coronavirus, the content of which contradicts information from official sources – the World Health Organization site and national health ministries.

For the first time clips with myths about the coronavirus will be removed and their authors will receive warnings. After three warnings the YouTube channel of offenders will be blocked.

The rules are published on the video hosting help center blog. According to them, inadmissible content is

  • videos that deny the existence of the coronavirus;
  • allegations that COVID-19 is not mortal;
  • allegations about the existence of an effective vaccine for COVID-19;
  • allegations that people of a particular nationality or race are immune against COVID-19;
  • calls for people to be treated with folk remedies and not to seek medical help;
  • allegations that breath hold is a reliable test for coronavirus;
  • a video calling for the abandonment of Asian food as coronavirus can be infected through it;
  • videos claiming that fireworks clean the air of the coronavirus;
  • claims that COVID-19 is caused by radiation from the 5G network;
  • videos stating that you can be infected with coronavirus during making a COVID-19 test;
  • allegations that the disease does not spread in hot climate countries;
  • claims that social distance and self-isolation are ineffective in containing the virus.
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