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Health and TipsAug.10.2020

“Will have to wait for a long time”: scientists have found the weak point of COVID-19

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Scientists managed to find the weak point of the coronavirus – as it turned out, one of its constituent elements lends itself to attack by certain medicine, which in general can stop the spread of the disease throughout the body.

So, it might be looking that it is not worth rushing to develop a medicine based on only one such enzyme, since the virus will be able to quickly adapt to it.

According to virologists, the way to affect the virus was discovered due to the study of medicine that is now treating the virus. The substance that lends itself to action turned out to be a certain protease 3CLpro – it is it that helps the virus to multiply and take over the entire body.

One expert explained that the medicine that works with inhibitors is very specific. For example, medicine against HIV is based on the same technology – they inhibit proteases, due to which the virus spreads throughout the body. It’s the same here. Now experts have just discovered some molecules, all the main work is still ahead. It will be a long time before they can somehow help develop a drug. You will have to wait decently.

“Vaccine development and follow-up treatment are the main purposes of COVID-19 research. This article describes protease inhibitors that target the 3CLpro coronavirus enzymes. They are a well-known therapeutic object,” said Kuyon Chang, professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, who is a co-author of the research.

The described technique has shown its efficiency in tests carried out on mice. As it turned out, when an attack on the identified weak point occurs, the coronavirus simply splits and loses the opportunity for further spread throughout the body.

According to specialists, in the case of the coronavirus, it is not yet clear how quickly it will be able to adapt and how quickly other ‘weak’ enzymes will be found. But recent studies have shown that so far this method of drug invention is justifying itself. In particular, the treatment of hepatitis C turned out to be good. Let’s hope that the coronavirus protease inhibitor will also be effective in terms of treatment.

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