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WHO will continue fighting against Coronavirus: What Was Discussed by the Emergency Committee on COVID-19 Metting?


The spreading of Coronavirus keeps growing all over the world. Restrictions and quarantine did not end the enlarging of the pandemic… And as you may know, the World Health Organization is actively trying to stop the disease.

What will WHO have to do in such a situation and who can help it? IHR Emergency Committee for COVID-19  held its 5th session a few days ago. After examing all crucial facts the Committee presented their opinion about the work of WHO fighting against COVID-19.

The Fifth Meeting Results: The Most Important Facts

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What was discussed by the EC on Coronavirus met on 29 October 2020? The meeting was organized by the WHO to examine the status and progress made on the provisional guidance. The Emergency Committee on COVID-19 suggested that the Coronavirus yet is a public health dilemma of international interest. They suggested concentrating on reply efforts using received knowledge from lessons learned during the pandemic growing and center on strong medicine interfering.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pointed out that the World Health Organization will stay in the same direction on partnership matters all over the planet “to drive science, solutions, and solidarity”. The director admitted their view on the issue completely.

What Emergency Committee on COVID-19 Recognized?

It expressed recognition for WHO’s management and projects throughout the global reply like:

  • Giving countries all needed technical support, crucial supplies, and tools to fight with pandemic;
  • Producing based on facts guidance that must be followed by the rest of the world;
  • Fighting with myths about Corona and delivering free and reliable information.

What EC on COVID-19 Advised For WHO?

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The advice was delivered concretively about focusing on in the following months. Countries together with the World Health Organization should cooperate with each other to provide evidence-informed information about the status of Coronavirus, continue adopting appropriate, logical, and risk-based measures concerning global traffic, inspection, and contract tracing efforts to win in this fight for humanity. 

WHO should work and move forward to maintain primary wellness services like mental health aids, developing strategies for prospective COVID-19 vaccines. Moreover, the committee asked states to evade politicization of Corona’s measures and pursue the idea of the importance that implementation and efforts are taking by the global community.

What Is COVID-19 IHR Emergency Committee?

The IHR Emergency Committee for COVID-19 is a specific body that carried its opening gathering on 22 and 23 January 2020. It is created to advise and recommend performing or avoiding action according to WHO’s programs and aims of fighting with COVID-19. It held five sessions already this year.

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