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World mapJun.23.2020

WHO warns of dangerous pandemic phase

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Many countries begin to weaken the quarantine regime. The WHO Director-General said that at this time we all need to be especially careful: to keep a distance, to wear masks and to wash your hands often – the number of patients has again increased because of the weakening of the self-isolation regime.

The world has entered a dangerous new phase of coronavirus proliferation as countries try to resume economic and social activities and to relax restrictive measures, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

Many people are tired of staying at home and countries try to restore the economy. «But the virus is still spreading rapidly. It still causes deaths and most people are vulnerable», Ghebreyesus added.

WHO received more than 150,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, a record day since the pandemic began, as it was reported. About half of these cases are in North and South America; coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in South Asia and the Middle East.

“We call on all countries and all people to be extremely vigilant. Keep a distance, stay at home if you are not feeling well, and continue wearing masks when needed and wash your hands,” the WHO head emphasized.

Since the outbreak began, almost 9 million cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the world.

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