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Self isolation activitiesApr.19.2020

Which transport you should use during the coronavirus pandemic?


You have to go out to get groceries or to work using one or more types of transport if you are not in quarantine.

However, the public and even personal transport is dangerous when an epidemic breaks out. So what type of transport is the best to choose to minimize the threat to yourself and others?

It is necessary to move away from people to minimize the threat of getting sick or catching the virus. This makes transport such as subways and buses extremely dangerous for us.

Public transport remains a breeding ground for bacteria and germs despite measures taken to minimize the risk of infection. Disinfectant treatment, passenger restraints, medical devices, and everything else helps to keep the virus from spreading inside public transport.

However, the threat of contagion is present everywhere, where the people are. You should definitely avoid buses and subways. So switching to private transport will be the best way to protect yourself.

Using taxi instead of public transport can be an option if you don’t have your own car. However, drivers are in risk to catch infection the most. Therefore, using a bicycle or other two-wheeled vehicle is the best way out in this situation.

For example, a bicycle will eliminate any contact with other people and will be easy to disinfect. At the same time, fresh air around you will significantly reduce the risk of catching the virus from the environment.

But don’t forget to stay away from dense crowds of people. Wearing a mask and gloves is strictly recommended when in an aggressive environment.

If you have plans to travel by plane or train, you should cancel them. The infection spreads very quickly if you are in an enclosed space with many people for a long time. Tourists and people traveling by plane and train carry the disease around the world and in many countries coronavirus first appeared from the transport hubs.

So don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily. Personal protective equipment is always necessary, no matter what transport you use.

The main rule is to avoid contact with people and not to be in an enclosed space.

Frequently touched parts such as the steering wheel, car door handles, armrests and gear shifters should be decontaminated after each journey.

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