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Health and TipsApr.01.2020

Which goods you definitely need to stockpile before quarantine?

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Panic has ripened in society from the outbreak of the coronavirus until today. The scale and speed of spreading of the virus and a lot of fatal cases are the main reasons for that.

You need to stock up on two-week food supplies and other necessities to survive quarantine, according to authorities.

So which foods and things are most needed during quarantine or self-isolation?

Quickly purchasable goods

People are panicking about buying necessities despite the full supply of everything we need in the shop. These include canned food, pasta, cereals and water. A separate topic is toilet paper, which was almost all bought up. It sounds absurd, but it is. Still, you should do the same. The reason of that is that fact, that people obey herd instinct and leave nothing on the shelves. So you should get ahead of them. It’s the same with other goods like hygiene products and products with a long shelf life.


Make sure you and your surroundings have the right amount of water available. Tap water will also do. But if you only want purified water you should buy it in advance. But don’t panic. Just make sure you’re provided with everything you need during a crisis. There’s no need to put yourself at risk and go outside again if there’s virus outbreak in the streets.


You should also stock up on the medication prescribed to you. Personal care and disinfection products should be added to the list. Such things as protective masks, antibacterial hand gel and so on are bought up first. Stock up on the medicines, that facilitate the development of cold and flue and complete your first aid kit.

Don’t forget about yourself

You will need something to entertain yourself with during the quarantine. Products such as sweets and coffee will help to brighten up your pastime. Also, spend a lot of time with your partner or family and think about what you can do for yourself. Board games, books and so on will help you significantly.

A rational choice and supply of products in case of long-term quarantine is vital, so it is important to take this issue seriously. Pay attention to medications and remedies that may be in short supply, as well as to long-lasting foods and water.

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