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Which events were cancelled or carried over because of COVID-19?


Authorities all over the world has repealed mass events because of the coronavirus: fashion shows, exhibitions, sports competitions are in jeopardy – even the Olympics 2020. Which events were cancelled or carried over and what were the consequences?


Italy unexpectedly recorded a sharp outbreak of the COVID-19 when the final of the famous Milan Fashion Week took place, it was held in a semi-panic atmosphere. The fashion week shows had passed with a minimal audience – people just hadn’t come.

  • Giorgio Armani’s show passed without guests. Everyone could see it online on the brand’s website and social networks.
  • Chanel postponed the event in Beijing, Prada – in Tokyo.
  • Cucci and Ralph Lauren canceled their presentations in the United States.

All this had a great negative influence on the fashion industry. 35% of global luxury consumers are Chinese. Last year, 90% of the fashion industry increase came from the inhabitants of China. Investment Company «Jefferies» estimated the coronavirus damage to the industry at 12 billion euros.


Almost 70 thousand cinemas in China have been closed. The functioning of local productions has been postponed for an indefinite period. In mid-February China was expected the premiere of foreign films: “Jojo’s Rabbit” by Taiki Whititi, “Dr. Doolittle” with Robert Downey Jr., “1917” by Sam Mendes, “Hellboy” and so on. Releases have been canceled and there is a possibility they won’t be shown at all.

The situation had a particularly strong impact on Universal. “Dr. Doolittle” has failed in the States. There was a hope that rental in China could compensate for losses because the public there is fond of Robert Downey Jr. Hollywood can lose over 200 million dollars totally.

The shooting of the seventh part of “Mission Impossible” is paused in Venice. It is not clear yet if it will affect the premiere. The release of film “Not Time to Die” is postponed for six months. The MIPTV TV market and the MIPDOC documentary projects market in Cannes have been repealed.

Games and Technology

A Japanese company Nintendo has delayed the delivery of their games – part of their manufacture locates in China. The American publisher Private Division postponed the release of the role-playing game «The Outer Worlds» – the development team is in Shanghai.

The largest mobile technology exhibition MWC 2020 has been canceled in Barcelona. LG, Motorola, Nokia, and many other companies had to present new models of phones at this event. Sony, Facebook and Oculus also canceled their participation in the GDC 2020 exhibition in San Francisco. The games of the professional eSports Overwatch League were repealed in South Korea.

AnimeJapan 2020, one of the largest anime festivals, also won’t be held in Tokyo. About 120 thousand people planned to visit it. Google canceled its largest conference this year I/O in California.


A huge number of musicians won’t hold the concerts in Asia because of epidemics:  Green Day, New Order, The National, singer Khalida, hip-hop musician Stormzy, Avril Lavin. Mariah Carey’s concert in Hawaii was postponed until autumn. The Ultra Music Festival in Miami and The Korea Times Music Festival in Los Angeles has been held over indefinitely. One of the world’s largest music festivals Coachella which takes place in California were postponed until October.


A number of sports events were carried over, for example, the Paris Half Marathon and the basketball match at the French Championship. Both semi-finals of the Italian Football Cup and the Chinese Grand Prix World Championship were postponed to an indefinite period.

All sports events in Italy will be held with empty stands up to the third of April. Such a fate can wait for the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. The Games may be held without spectators because of the coronavirus. The competition will be shown on television. However, it is unknown how the athletes will prove themselves without the support of their fans.

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