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Health and TipsMar.17.2020

What to do in order not to be harmed by coronavirus?

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There are no drugs to fight coronavirus and viral pneumonia – their effectiveness isn’t proven. Anti-viral drugs don’t work.

The virus embeds in a cell of an infected person and begins to reproduce. The main question is how to create a drug to destroy it without harming the whole body. However, such drugs exist, for example, against HIV infection (drugs do not completely cure the infection, but significantly prolong life).

At the moment only pathogenetic and symptomatic treatment is possible. This includes, for example, the recommendation to sleep and drink more water.

Intensive therapy in the hospital is needed even in cases of the slightest difficulty in breathing (coronavirus affects the lungs).

Such treatment does not affect the virus itself but it helps to maintain different body systems and prevents organ failure.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran warned that it is strictly forbidden to use anti-inflammatory drugs during coronavirus disease. These drugs can lead to significant complications.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can become a risk for people with infectious diseases – they tend to reduce the body’s immune response. Taking the wrong medication can have serious health consequences even for young people.

What should people with poor immunity do?

Lately the demand for immunomodulators – drugs that «strengthen immunity» – has increased significantly. However, they have unproven effectiveness. WHO does not recommend such drugs for treating diseases in general? The action of immunomodulators is unpredictable and sometimes can be dangerous to health.

There is an opinion that it is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle regularly to have a strong immunity but that has not yet been proven. So, what should people whose immunity is really seriously weakened do in order not to get sick? High mortality from coronavirus affects elderly people with concomitant diseases.

It is very important to compensate the effects of all the concomitant diseases. For example, it is necessary to achieve the target blood sugar level together with an endocrinologist if a person has diabetes; it is necessary to achieve normalization of blood pressure together with a cardiologist if a person has cardiovascular disease. In this case, coronavirus will not be as dangerous as for those who have not done it.

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