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Self isolation activitiesMar.24.2020

What to do during the quarantine?

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World practice shows that the best way to fight the spread of coronavirus is to comply with a quarantine and to restrict movements maximally.

In order to spend time fun and productive, we have collected tips on what to do during the quarantine.

  • Reading is a kind of relaxation that helps to fight stress and bad mood. Start the books you wanted to read for a long time. You can make your own list, categorize them or create an observation diary where you can write down your impressions.
  • You probably have bookmarked the lists of movies and TV series that you want to watch. Many streaming services offer free temporary subscriptions during quarantine. Now the choice is so great that everyone can find something he likes.
  • The quarantine lull can be used as an opportunity to gain new knowledges. Today there are hundreds of online courses for everyone. For example, the online platform Coursera has made some of its courses free of charge during quarantine. Many famous museums open up online access to their exhibits and audio libraries expand the range of free materials.
  • Cleaning purifies not only the space but also the head from unnecessary thoughts. It is time to throw away all that is unnecessary. Systematize cleaning process and start with one room. Think carefully about what you need or not.
  • Quarantine is a good time for online shopping and exploring this process. Many online stores make a discount on delivery.
  • Try to cook something new you’ve never tried before. Use your time to create a menu for a week, for example. Assay new meals and do food blanks to minimize the cooking time – this skill will help you in future.
  • Finally, just get some rest; now this is what we need.  
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