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Self isolation activitiesMar.25.2020

What kind of food you shouldn’t buy during the coronavirus outbreak?


More and more ways of transmitting the coronavirus from person to person are being discovered from the beginning of this pandemic to the present day

Food is one of those ways. Virus needs to live in a potential carrier to develop and it has been proven that the virus cannot exist in food. However, the coronavirus can live in the environment for a couple of hours.

This makes all surfaces and objects with which an infected person has come into contact potentially dangerous. We therefore need to pay attention to the food we buy.

Unpacked food can be dangerous due to this fact, especially the one, which is being sold in open local markets. Groceries, rows of fruits and vegetables and even packaged products that have been in contact with a virus carrier could be contaminated.

Therefore, if you are in the epicenter of disease or are afraid of getting infected, the best way out is to stockpile all the necessary products to avoid possible risks.

We usually touch fruits and vegetables three times when we are choosing them before buying. This becomes a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria during a pandemic.

And imagine that you take an infected milk carton and bring it right into your kitchen in half an hour.

It will be the best solution to order all the food you need at home. The products will be delivered directly from the warehouse which will significantly reduce the number of people who will come into contact with them.

Although the coronavirus is only dangerous to humans and is only transmitted through contact between the infected person and another person, the environment can be dangerous too.

It is recommended to avoid as much contact with the outer world as you can before the coronavirus outbreak is over.

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