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World mapMar.31.2020

What does the world say about the coronovirus?

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The activity of the epidemiological process in the hearth has decreased, but new hearths continue to appear.

Cases of infection with Coronavirus 2019-nCoV have already been recorded in Europe and even the USA.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV is spreading around the world. There are three hotspots today, including Iran. Many countries around Iran are imposing very serious restrictive measures.

In addition, there is a serious outbreak in South Korea: 763 cases, seven dead. All this is localized in one city – Daegu. It is the fourth largest city in Korea with 2.5 million inhabitants.

There are 157 cases of disease in Italy, including four deaths.

Today’s statistics for Hubei Province Wuhan City: The number of cases is decreasing and newly diagnosed cases are decreasing significantly.

Why is the coronavirus compared to the flu?

There is an opinion that it is very incorrect to compare 2019-nCoV with influenza and the number of cases of influenza and coronavirus. It would seem similar in the mechanism of infection and the development of the disease, but we are afraid much more of coronavirus than of influenza.

What is the difference between coronavirus pneumonia and ordinary pneumonia?

There are two types of pneumonia in the lungs: it can be caused by bacteria or virus. An influenza or coronavirus does not stay in the upper respiratory tract, but goes further into the lungs and causes inflammation. Viral pneumonia occurs. The worst thing about viral pneumonia is that there’s nothing we can do about the pathogen. We have to wait for the body to form an immune system and kill the virus.

How can a person be cured of coronavirus if there’s no medicine that kills it?

Our body can cope with the virus in the vast majority of cases. It involves the immune system in the fight. It takes five days to produce antibodies that will then neutralize the virus. Treatment is, in fact, supporting the body for as long as the immune system reacts.

Why does not doctors who diagnose ODS test people for coronavirus?

We will experience the lack of coronavirus tests if we start giving them to all doctors. The number of tests is limited, they are to be used only in case of real suspicion, after travel to China or contact with those who came from there. No examination in all other cases. This is very sad because there are a large number of people who has fallen ill and it is not clear where the virus came from.

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