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What does the coronavirus have in common with epidemics of the past?

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Coronavirus continues to spread intensely across the planet. And increased efforts of the government and health authorities don’t seem to be very effective.

The high mortality rate has caused real panic all over the planet. The rapid spread and difficulty of diagnosis only add oil to the fire.

But is it so dangerous? And should it be seen as a deadly threat to all humanity?

There have been four epidemic outbreaks in the last decades.

The first one dates back to early 2002. The SARS outbreak resulted in eight thousand people being infected with a 10% fatality rate. The high mortality rate makes this disease much more dangerous than COVID-19 although the number of people infected was not high.

The following pandemics include avian influenza (with 861 cases and 455 deaths), Middle East respiratory syndrome with 2,250 and 850 deaths, and Ebola (27,000 cases and 11,000 deaths respectively).

The coronavirus mortality rate is 2.5 percent, which is incomparably lower comparing to past epidemics.

The risk of infection is calculated while being based on two indicators: reproduction capacity and lethality. Unfortunately, there is currently not enough statistics to assess the risk of coronavirus, but preliminary data show that it is 5 times lower than its biological neighbor, SARS, and 20 times lower than avian influenza.

The widespread of this virus is the only rational reason for panic. Now, 140,000 cases and almost 8,000 deaths have already been registered in the world according to official data. The coronavirus will overwhelm all previous epidemics combined, given its lethality and unofficial forecasts according to which the number of cases at the moment exceeded one million.

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