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Share your feelingsApr.05.2020

What does it feel like to be a first infected person in a country?

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Memories of B – the first man in his country who was hospitalized because of Covid-19 disease

A man and his wife came back from a trip. They decided to isolate themselves despite the lack of symptoms. A short time later the man felt weakness and his temperature has risen. He decided it was acclimatization and took some antipyretics. The next day B called his doctor and warned him that he visited Italy about a week ago. Half an hour later he was hospitalized and placed in a hospital. The medics did some tests.

Later B gets positive results of his coronavirus test.

You’re told that you have the virus. I couldn’t understand what would happen then. I just knew something was going to happen. I had a misunderstanding of what was going on. It was scary that I was the one of the unlucky ones. Why was I the first?

He asked medics immediately to check his wife too when he was hospitalized. However, he was told that «medics can hospitalize only people with symptoms according to instructions», so his wife was left at home.

It was Saturday when ambulance picked me up. People around saw it. They just compared the facts and understood I was hospitalized because of coronavirus

People were very scared and began to protest against the isolation of his wife at home. They were sure that she was also infected.

I understand some extent people’s emotions. They understand that danger is not somewhere far away, it is next to your door and, instinctively, you want to destroy that danger. I understand that. So, I’m not mad at them. I thought about this situation dozens of times, tried to understand these people. My opinion is, that there are competent people who have to explain people what to do in such a situation. There were such people and they explained: as long as a person has no symptoms, he cannot be considered sick. They should make tests. It is worth hospitalizing only if a positive result is confirmed

The man says, it was very cold in the infectious box. It was hard to sleep and to do anything in such circumstances.

I have slept in my jacket. I thought it was temporary. I had no idea that I should spend a long time under these conditions. I told the doctors «Let’s do something! », they answered «Ask someone to bring you a heater». My father brought me not the most powerful heater that could be placed there.

The hospital was not ready to receive patients but medics treated to them with understanding. Later the conditions became better.

You know, I’m infinitely grateful to the doctors and all the nursing staff for their work and care. We’ve already made friends with them. I saw tears of joy in their eyes when I was discharged from hospital. , They were doing their job with dignity despite difficulties. I’m grateful for their curing provided to me.

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