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Share your feelingsApr.23.2020

What do people can learn from preppers in COVID-19 time?

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Almost everyone has heard about preppers. Those people always wait for the world to take its worst scenario on the screens. Society sees them as excessively paranoid people. However, the preppers themselves treat this attitude with slight ridicule.

It’s an underserved attitude. Their main motive is the desire to protect themselves and their loved ones in times of danger. Preppers stock up on food and medicine for months or even years to come. They develop contingency plans for earthquakes, floods, armed conflicts or a viral epidemic.

Their life credo is to be prepared for the worst. And their efforts are justified due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Today, the masses are panically buying up food and medical supplies at supermarkets while the preppers are mockingly saying to others: «We’ve told you so!»

Many people have understood the value of preparing for extreme situations with the onset of the epidemic. Huge numbers of people were at risk, given that more than half of American households did not even have a basic first aid kit while the stock of medical masks and sanitizer gel in shops ran out in two weeks after the outbreak.

Coronavirus outbreak clearly showed us not to be biased against atypically reserved people. Prepper’s experience has shown us that all people should stock up on food and medicine for up to one month of isolated life and use and replace all old stocks with new ones.

However, some measures taken by preppers can be called extreme. Some of them are building real bunkers with annual food and water supplies, anti-radiation filters, and air purification systems if they have the money to do so.

There are also government appeals, particularly in Norway, calling on citizens to be prepared to military conflict or other disasters.

Preppers can teach us a lot in today’s reality: which foods you should stock or how many medicines you will need during the isolation.

It is impossible to determine which measures are redundant and which are not in today’s realities and in the current world situation. However, it is safe to say that everyone needs basic preparation to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Who knows who will be the last to laugh?

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