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Twitter employees may never return to offices

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Twitter employees will be offered never to return to their offices after quarantine. Those whose duties are not related to their physical presence will be able to work from home constantly.

Jack Dorsey, the general manager of Twitter, said that Twitter was one of the first companies that switched to teleworking, and that the safety of employees is still the top priority for management. According to Dorsey, the company’s offices will not open until September 2020, all business trips by the end of the year will be cancelled and plans for 2021 will be revised.

However, it is not just about security: two months of remote work have shown that the Twitter team is successfully functioning in such a mode.

Jennifer Christie, the company’s director of human resources, made a statement about the switching to permanent teleworking: «People who didn’t want to work remotely now will find that they really prosper because of it; managers who didn’t think they could manage teams remotely will change their opinions. I don’t think we’ll go back to the previous mode».

Twitter employees began to work remotely in early March 2020. Almost at the same time Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft made such a decision too. Representatives of Microsoft also noted that they will leave some employees to work remotely after quarantine.

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