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Health and TipsApr.18.2020

The way to sterilize and reuse face masks

medic with face mask

Duke Health researchers and North Carolina healthcare professionals have confirmed a way to clean facial masks for reuse. Facemasks №95 were immediately sold out and medical professionals were unable to use new ones because of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Special equipment is used to clean the mask; it sprays hydrogen peroxide in a special way – the substance penetrates all layers of the mask, kills the virus but does not affect the material.

Scott Alderman, assistant director of Duke Regional Biocontainment Laboratory, says he and his colleagues have been using this decontamination method for many years. Scientists had no idea they would have a necessity to clean medical masks, so they didn’t even try it before; this research has been successful, so medics will use it in Duke Health hospitals.

Thanks to this discovery now it is possible to save a huge number of masks and to solve the problem of lack of masks for medical personnel.

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