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The students will attend the surgery online in Tokyo

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The Women’s Medical University in Tokyo has begun streaming surgery in virtual reality for students.

Surgeons at the university will perform operations under the «supervision» of VR camera Insta360 Titan to protect students from coronavirus.

Students will be able to present remotely during surgeries using virtual reality helmets. Stream is ensured by special software.

VR camera was installed in the operating room, which is called Smart Cyber Operation Theater (SCOT). Such “virtual tours” are held not for the first time as camera manufacturers have noted. But viewers can observe the operation from previously inaccessible angles thanks to VR camera, as it (as can be guessed from the name) captures 360 degrees.

The operation is also recorded at the same time so that it can be used for training purposes in the future.

This is not the first time when the University of Tokyo uses advanced technology and SCOT has become a kind of testing ground for such experiments.

SCOT has already performed surgeries using artificial intelligence and also it has two robots installed there – one to support the surgeon’s hands during the surgery and the other integrated into the surgical table.

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