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The story of a nurse who saved people from coronavirus


The nurse told us what turned out to be the most difficult thing during his work with Covid-19 patients

Recently the whole world was celebrating Medical Worker’s Day.

These are not only doctors, but also nurses, orderlies, lab technicians and many others, on whom the uninterrupted work of hospitals and other medical institutions depends. But they are not the only ones – in fact, no hospital will be able to function normally without a supply manager, which formally is not considered a medical worker. During the pandemic they all put themselves in equally dangerous conditions that require maximum dedication. Nurses and other hospital staff are less often remembered while everyone thanks and congratulates doctors. We decided to fill this gap and talked to the nurse about how he has worked over the past month and what was the most difficult during his work.

The hardest part is working in protective suits and PPE (personal protective equipment). We were trained at the hospital’s simulation center on how to dress properly and how to work with Covid-19 patients before we got work here. We must be completely dressed in airtight suits to enter the red zone. Earlier we used to have suits that were very tight and weren’t blown at all. And it’s only recently when we’ve had thin protective suits; it’s easier in them. The suits can’t be taken off during the whole work shift. Protective equipment as well: masks, shoes, respirators, gloves. We don’t take anything off for six hours and we can’t go out to eat, drink or to go to the toilet. You can sit in a separate office where there is an air conditioning to cool down a little.

The most psychologically difficult thing is that people initially do not understand the gravity of the situation. When at the peak of the pandemic there was a huge number of patients who needed a ventilation treatment – our employees worked without weekends, lived in hotels and could not see their families. At the same time someone was walking in the parks. It’s offensive. I can understand that people are bored, but it would be great if everyone thought about those who would save their lives if they got in hospital.

I wanted to work with coronavirus patients because I liked the idea that you could become part of history. That sounds romantic. Someday I’ll tell my kids that their dad worked during the pandemic. And if people once survived the Spanish flu – we’ll win the coronavirus too. Now it can be hard, but the pandemic will end and I’ll go back to my usual job.

During the pandemic many people thought about the difficult conditions in which doctors had to work. However, many forget that there is another medical staff, supply managers and other people on whom the functioning of hospitals depends. We talked with the nurse and he told what was the most difficult in his job during the pandemic.

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