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Health and TipsMay.27.2020

Senior health & fitness day. How does physical activity affect the immune system?

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Exercising sports and other physical activity can both strengthen immunity and weaken it. Here, as Hippocrates said, it’s all about the dose. Systematic moderate exercise strengthens the immune system, but people who have hard physical work for a few hours every day, on the contrary, worsen the protective properties of the immunity. How does physical activity affect the immune system?

Moderate intensity training is useful for the immune system.

Complete lack of physical activity impairs blood circulation throughout the body, including in the organs of the immune system. Human’s resistance to infection decreases when he/she moves a little. Absence of muscle activity means no active breathing – the cilia on the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract do not perform their function to remove small foreign bodies (bacteria, dust). Therefore, microorganisms can get in lungs, fix themselves on the mucous membrane and cause disease.

Intensive exercise increases the risk of illness and can cause severe illness. Clinical studies have shown that people who have exhausted physical exercises are sicker and heavier than those who did not exercise at all. Dependency has been found: the longer and more intensively a person trains – the more the body’s immune system is weakened and the longer the period of immunity recovery is.

Conclusion. For immunity, it is better to exercise frequently and little by little. It is important to postpone training until recovery if you are ill, and then gradually increase physical activity.

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