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Health and TipsMar.30.2020

Scientists have invented the fastest coronavirus test

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The NanoBio laboratory attached to the Science, Technology and Research Agency in Singapore has developed a rapid test to determine if person is infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 within five to ten minutes.

It can be the fastest coronavirus test if the development will be approved. The labs expect to receive the approbation during the next month. Then this test will be used in hospitals.

Human swabs are used for testing. The collected material is placed in a portable device for analysis. The head of research, Professor Jackie In, said that the development was tested in a hospital in Singapore. Samples of real patients were used for this test. Jackie In described this creation as “very sensitive and accurate”.

The main advantage of the test developed in Singapore is that it can be used directly in hospitals. However, the fastest test is not always the best one. PCR diagnosis stays the best method for mass and inexpensive coronavirus testing.

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