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Share your feelingsApr.30.2020

Restrictions due to coronavirus have reduced air pollution

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Air quality has improved in many cities and regions due to restrictions caused by the spread of dangerous coronavirus around the world.

Carbon monoxide emissions mainly from cars were down by 50 percent compared to last year according to early estimates by researchers in New York, USA. Worldwide production pollutant emissions from plants and factories, cars and air transport were reduced due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

New York has seen a 5-10% reduction in CO2 and methane levels according to researchers from Columbia University. The amount of carbon monoxide in the metropolis has been exceptionally high in the last year.

Traffic levels in the city have decreased by 35% compared to last year which has led to significant air purification.

China’s energy consumption and emissions fell by 25 percent within two weeks according to the Carbon Brief website. Experts believe that this could lead to an overall reduction in carbon emissions in the country about 1% this year.

China and Northern Italy have also recorded significant reductions in nitrogen dioxide due to the suspension of production and reduced car travel.
Scientists are concerned that pollution levels could rise significantly after the pandemic is over.

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