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World mapMay.20.2020

Parents and teachers held a lesson for children in a forest

lessons in forest

In a French village, a lesson for children was conducted in the forest after the authorities refused to open schools.

Parents who did not agree with the decision of the authorities held classes with teachers in protest.

Primary schools have not been opened in the French village Montmeyran despite the fact that the regime of self-isolation has been eased since 11 May and a number of educational institutions have started to accept students in most regions of the country.

Teachers and parents decided to organize a lesson in the forest, protesting against the decision of the local authorities, who are not going to restart studies until 2 June.

They have recreated the atmosphere of the classroom in the forest – set a blackboard and placed desks at a safe distance. Adults were wearing masks at the lesson, while children were for some reason without them.

Bernard Brunet, the mayor of Montmeyran, explained that he had decided not to open primary schools for safety reasons: it is impossible to provide sufficient sanitation in schools now. In addition, it was not possible to organize pupils’ lessons in such a way that they did not intersect and kept the distance as required by safety protocols because of the building structure.

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