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Oscar 2021 may be postponed because of the coronavirus crises

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The Academy is thinking about such a decision because of the changed schedules and festivals that have been canceled – that is why film studios cannot show their works to the public.

The Oscar award ceremony that is now scheduled for February 28, 2021 may be postponed.

American Film Academy President David Rubin commented at the beginning of the pandemic: «Nobody knows what will happen. All we know is that we want to reward the most worthy films but how and when it will be – it’s hard to say yet».

The fact is that the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected film production and the distribution of even finished films. Filming is paused; scheduled premieres did not take place because of the closure of cinemas and the ban on public events made it impossible to organize film festivals – so, recently was reported the final cancellation of the International Film Festival in Cannes, which traditionally shows several major premieres. In addition, if a film pretends to get the Oscar, its creators must comply with certain rules of distribution – in particular, at least seven days it should be shown in Los Angeles cinemas. The Academy allowed them to participate in the competition films if their premiere was held online to partially compensate for the problems caused by a coronavirus, but there was no information about the complete movie rental cancelation.

All these circumstances question the possibility of holding the event.

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