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Share your feelingsApr.29.2020

«No time to eat and to sleep» – how Chinese doctors have struggled the Covid-19

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This is a story of a woman A, who became a volunteer in Chinese hospital in the beginning of coronavirus epidemic.

A was going to visit Guangzhou to spend the Chinese New Year with her family but soon the epidemic have started and A decided to become a volunteer in a hospital.

«I knew I should stay», A recalls, «I told myself I should prepare for anything and take precautions. I could wear a cape if there were not protective coverall and I could ask my friends to send me protective masks if there would be a necessity. There is always a way».

She says that hospital had good equipment – part of it was sent by the authorities, something was donated by private companies, but there is still a shortage of protective overalls and masks and not all workers are properly protected.

«This is a difficult job. It is very sad and hard morally to work but mostly we don’t have time to think about our own safety. We have to take care of our patients because many of them are very scared, some of them have a nervous breakdown», A added.

Doctors have to work 10 hours a day because of influx of patients. No one has time and possibility to eat, drink, go to the toilet or take a little rest.

«When we take off our protective suits in the end of a day our clothes are soaked in sweat. There are deep marks on a forehead, nose and neck because the protective masks are very close to the skin. Sometimes there are even cuts», said the medic. «Many of my colleagues fall asleep sitting in a chair after work because they are too tired to go home»

Happily A and her colleagues have managed to avoid infection. Warm thankful messages from ordinary people help the hospital staff to stay on their feet. Sometimes people even send food and other necessary items to the hospital.

«I think this virus has brought us all together – even though people are sitting at home in quarantine», A said.

Also A marks that the Chinese authorities have responded quickly to the epidemic. «It is all about life and death now in China. The question is whether we will see the morning of the next day. So that is why people have to help the authorities and professionals».

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