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Health and TipsDec.16.2020

Moderna’s Vaccine Can be The Solution


Tal Zaks, Moderna’s chief physician, said that the coronavirus vaccine developed by their company is easier to transport and store than any other manufacturers’ products, and that by next winter, the world will be able to return to normal.

The advantage of this vaccine is that no new infrastructure is needed to transport it. In recent years Moderna themselves have created the appropriate conditions, and the refrigerators already available in pharmacies, clinics, and doctor’s offices are enough to store the vaccine.

It keeps its quality up to 6 months in a freezer and up to 1 month in a refrigerator. It makes logistics much easier.

But does this mean the complete elimination of side effects?

covid vaccine

Specialists note that there are two things to distinguish between – “safety” and “tolerability.”

As for safety, we are talking about the serious harmful effects of vaccination on the body. When we speak about tolerability, we mean possible unpleasant but safe and limited in time side effects.

The chief physician says that the safety of the vaccine is very high as of today. Side effects may occur after the vaccination. Approximately one out of 10 vaccinated people will probably have symptoms such as headache, muscle or injection site pain, as well as influenza-specific symptoms. Zaks also said he does not know how long the immunity from vaccination will last.

However, vaccinating the majority of the population will be a vital stage in the fight against the pandemic. Usually, it will take several months after registration. Optimistic predictions say the population of planet Earth will turn the page until next winter and then be able to return to normal life. It may not happen 100% everywhere but in most areas of life. 

The price of the coronavirus vaccine from Moderna will be $ 25-37. Therefore, it can be called the most affordable and adapted for transportation means of long-term impact on the spread of Covid 19.

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