CORVID/World map/Johnson & Johnson announced the creation of 1 billion doses of COVID vaccine by 2021
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Johnson & Johnson announced the creation of 1 billion doses of COVID vaccine by 2021

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The company intends to start clinical trials of the vaccine this year in September; it will be widely available in 2021

Johnson & Johnson intends to release about 1 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine, said the head of the company Paul Stoffels on ABC TV. He said they will be available in 2021. Specialists of the company plan to start clinical trials in September 2020. In addition, Stoffels said that the vaccine samples may be available this year, but their use will depend on the decision of the US authorities.

He also has mentioned the speed of the coronavirus spread in the world and the extent of infection and said that it is unlikely to defeat COVID-19 without an effective vaccine.

The USA plans to speed up the creation of the vaccine: the development period will be reduced from 12-18 months to 8. For this purpose, the authorities will combine the developments of private pharmaceutical companies, government laboratories and military institutions.

According to the terms of the project, 300 million doses of the vaccine should be ready by January.

As per data published by Johns Hopkins University, more than 1.3 million people have been infected in the U.S. since the beginning of the pandemic, and more than 80 thousand have died.

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