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It is forbidden to eat and to hunt wild animals now in Wuhan?

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Authorities in Wuhan, China has completely banned eating and hunting wild animals. They can be sources of new viruses.

It will also be forbidden to breed, sell, advertise and buy wild animals for five years.

The authorities of Wuhan that became the center of the coronavirus outbreak introduced a ban on eating, breeding, hunting and illegal trade of wild animals. This decree was published on the website of the Wuhan government.

The document reported that the ban will be in force for five years from the date of publication and will affect all terrestrial wild animals.

Hunting in Wuhan will only be permitted for scientific purposes, for population regulation and in a number of other special circumstances. A special license will be required for this purpose.It will be necessary to request competent authorities for permits for artificial breeding of wild animals for scientific purposes.

Advertising of products made of wild animals and wildlife trading is also completely prohibited.

This decision was taken by the authorities because of the spread of coronavirus infection. Scientists believe that the first carriers of the new coronavirus were bats, the further carriers could be pangolins, and then the virus has already been transmitted to humans.

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