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Health and TipsOct.20.2020

Is There the Best Soap Against Coronavirus?

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Did you know that there thousands of soaps… Different composition, form, color, etc. Blocks of soap, liquid soap (detergents), fragrant soap, moisturizing soap. There is a lot of them… But which is the best variant for you? We have written this article especially for you!

Which Kinds of Soaps Are Effective to Fight With Covid-19?

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If to think about it from a side of a chemical structure all soaps have the same way of functioning against Coronavirus or any other kind of virus:

  • They destroy a fatty layer of Covid-19 with a help of water;
  • Also, detergents and soaps will wash away all the rest of the remaining virus on your hands.

From this point of view, all sorts of soap will help you to fight back against viruses to stay safe and healthy. But it isn’t so easy as you may think.

Moreover, if you use some kind of soap that is making your skin dry or getting to create cracks on hands, eventually it can cause you huge troubles: your hands become more sensitive and affected by attacks of viruses. Remember that your skin is the first line on the battlefield. Germs will get into a way easier if you have cracked or irritated hands.

It’s Personal: Choose Accordingly to Your Type of Skin 

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It always depends on the type of your skin. For example, you should take a block of soap or detergent for sensitive skin if you have such one. The best choice for you is a soap with fewer ingredients. The more number of ingredients is the more chances of irritation will stay in the air. You may have an allergy to one of the components so it is better to reduce such possibility and think for two steps further!

In some cases, you may find more favorable to take soap with glycerine or any other moisturizing ingredients added. 

But What About Kids?

We recommend you to do some tricky thing – choose the soap that will attract your child. It should be colorful, smell testy, has glisters, and sparkles! It even can be like a Kinder – with a toy in the middle of it.

The Main Is the Same – Wash Your Hands!

You should think more about the process itself rather than about the type of soap against Coronavirus. Do it regularly and carefully. Don’t give Covid-19 even a single chance to hurt you. Knock it with water and smelly soap.

We recommend you to read the other latest news about Covid-19 to stay in touch. Stay safe and wash your hands!

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