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Is quarantine a necessity when a virus outbreak occurs?

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Chinese authorities have demonstrated total government control during the coronavirus outbreak. Entire cities were cordoned off and shut down to stop its spread. The results were effective. But is such a tight quarantine a strict necessity?

Quarantine did not solve all existing problems even though the rate of COVID-19 proliferation was reduced.

It is known that South Korea has not taken such strict measures, but the coronavirus pandemic has also been smoothed out.

The quarantine is an effective method of fighting the viral epidemic from a medical point of view as it isolates and separates patients from healthy people. Also, people who have come into contact with infected people can choose to isolate themselves in order to reduce the risk of infecting others.

However, there are also significant disadvantages

  • Large-scale quarantine closes businesses and stops the economy. This can cause significant damage and loss in the long term.
  • There is a chance to put at risk healthy people who will be in direct contact with them when quarantining a larger area with a high infection rate. This happened on the Grand Princess cruise ship.
  • Such harsh measures entail violation of human social freedoms. It was taken and it worked in China. But we can’t expect the same to happen in the Western countries. The social freedom is perceived differently here.

There is a more appropriate and effective way to stop the spread of the virus. It consists in increasing the number of tests among random citizens, which will make it possible to know the real scope of the disease.

All patients with coronavirus confirmed must be immediately directed to hospitals for treatment. And all persons who have come into contact with them must self-isolate.

But it can be a powerful step in the fight against the epidemic as a whole. Quarantine can help to localize disease areas and separate patients from the healthy ones.

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