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Self isolation activitiesMar.28.2020

«I don’t think panic makes any sense» – what says an infected girl about corona

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What an infected girl who is in a hospital says about coronavirus.

«I was abroad to study. I was in London and saw this panic (about the coronavirus). I went to the store and couldn’t find toilet paper or soap.

Later I should come back home and it was an adventure. I had to pay for tickets triple price. I didn’t spend thousands, of course, but it was still insanely expensive.

I came home, I was tested at the airport and then I filled up a form and left my contacts. Then I went into self-isolation – I didn’t meet or contact anyone. Few days later I had a cold that I wouldn’t have noticed if there haven’t been such a panic about virus. There was nothing serious.

On Sunday, there was a phone call. It was ambulance and they asked to open the door. A medical officer in a special suit came to me. He measured my temperature and said they should take me to the hospital because I had a positive test. I thought, «okay, nothing special». I packed my bags and we went to the hospital.

They took the swabs again in infirmary, also they took blood and urine tests. I felt bad during the first night. My temperature was up to 38.5; I coughed a lot and had relevant symptoms. Later a doctor showed up and prescribed me a treatment.

The situation in the hospital is very calm. The medics are professionals with a stable mental system. I have heard from them that there is no reason for panic – this virus is the most common but it is new and not well known so the world has to adapt to situation.

I’m generally calm too. My grandparents, of course, go crazy but my parents do not panic – the most important thing for them is that I am treated. I don’t think panic makes any sense. I’m all for being conscious».

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