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Health and TipsJun.12.2020

How to train safely after the self-isolation regime is canceled

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Determine for yourself which type of training you like the most. It may be running, yoga, functional training, dancing, cycling – anything. There’s no need to rush after a long break. Start with 15-30 minutes of low-intensity training two or three times a week. Try to work out in a tempo that is comfortable for you.

Any motor activity is better than not having it. Increase the intensity of training by no more than 10% every week – a sudden increase can lead to overtraining of the body and later even injury. Do not forget about qualitative recovery. In the beginning, it will be enough to observe the regime, sleep for eight hours, and eat healthy and balanced food. As the intensity of exercise increases – you can add a massage, myofascial release and contrast shower. It is highly recommended practicing yoga once or twice a week. Regular practices will help you improve flexibility of the whole body, speed up recovery processes and bring harmony into your life. And remember that training must first and foremost be fun for you.

Do I have to wear a mask during workout?

The answer to this question should be sought in the decree of your region. Each city sets its own rules. There is no need for a mask if you exercise in a deserted place, such as in the woods or on the streets in the early morning when there are no people. If you are surrounded by a large number of people, you should definitely follow the rules of protection. But there is a problem: the mask makes it difficult to breathe during the sport activities, becomes wet, it does not allow the oxygen to enter the body fully – it has a negative impact on comfort, pleasure and the benefits of exercise. Athletes often use a buff in adverse conditions, a multifunctional headgear that protects the respiratory tract from cold, wind and dust. Buff is certainly not as protective as a medical mask, but it is a quite good and comfortable alternative.

You may be used to training with a certain community or in the company of friends, but circumstances do not allow you to train now in this atmosphere. Think of it as an opportunity to improve your training – you will have an opportunity to pay attention only to your senses and not to be distracted by somebody.

Keep a distance, try to exercise in deserted places. Follow the basic rules of protection: wash your hands, wash your uniform immediately after training, wear a mask or buff in crowded places. Be active –it will help to strengthen your immunity, to reduce stress levels and to promote the production of hormones of happiness.

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