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Share your feelingsNov.22.2020

How to tell young children what coronavirus infection is?


Little children are in the same position as adults, students, pensioners, and schoolchildren around the world. They also need to stay at home and stay in self-isolation with their families.

But why should they sit at home instead of walking on their favorite playground with the kids and running on all cylinders? If adults and older children understand the reason for isolation, it is difficult for young children to understand why this happens.

How to explain to the little kids what is a coronavirus and why it drove everyone home?

Recently a wonderful encyclopedia “Coronavirus: A Book for Children” from the editorial office of The GRUFFALO was published together with a scientific consultant, an infectious disease doctor, and Professor – Graham Medley. Where the author, along with a medical expert, talks about the causes of self-isolation and answers the most common questions in an accessible form. The presentation and funny illustrations of the encyclopedia deserve special attention.

So, if you have a young child who is sad and doesn’t understand why all of humanity should be afraid of the virus which is not even visible, we recommend you to download or buy this book. Believe us, your child will love it’s a new book and even adults can find something new for themselves!

Wash your hands with soap, wear masks, and be healthy!

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