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Self isolation activitiesApr.15.2020

How to say hello properly during the pandemic

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Everyone should wash their hands as often as possible. Not just because of the coronavirus. You should always wash your hands. Grandmother’s first question is “have you washed your hands?” every time you come to her.

It’s because we touch all kinds of surfaces during the day and can spread viruses by hand. People are not so happy to give out their hands to each other when they want to say hello now. There are some good ways to say hello and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Elbow to elbow

Show your elbow right away when you see your friend. You let him know that you want to help humanity avoid spreading the virus. Touch the edge of a friend’s elbow with the edge of your elbow. It’s a safe welcome sign because the virus won’t get to your body. Your friend will also join the Coronavirus Alliance after that.

Wink instead of the kiss

There are relatives who love to kiss their favorite children and grandchildren as soon as they see them. Kissing should go out of fashion and let a wink take a podium. Tell your family that the sign of maximum love is a wink now. Say some nice words for the interlocutor for more effect. Like “Grandma, I missed you so much” and wink. It’s definitely gonna be fun and safe what is the most important now.

Give me the honor

We are all soldiers of one big unit that fights the virus in the current situation. Put your right hand to your head like in the army when you see your friend or acquaintance but be careful. Do not touch your face with your hands!

You will significantly reduce the risk of spreading if you follow such simple advices. Join the alliance in the fight against the coronavirus!

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