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Self isolation activitiesApr.02.2020

How to maintain a relationship during quarantine?

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There is a risk of quarreling or even an increase in divorces between people who live together during the quarantine. The relationship may worsen because of anxiety, uncertainty, forced cohabitation in a limited space and daily monotony. Families may have material problems during this time. It is necessary to adapt to the existing conditions but the speed of adaptation is different for everyone. One partner may simply not keep pace with the other.

There may be risk factors:

  • If someone in the family has a chemically active addiction (alcohol, drugs).
  • If someone has a problem hidden from himself/herself and his/her partner.
  • Small children are also a risk factor, there may be more tension in the family because of a difficult situation.
  • If one of the partners has clinical depression or anxiety disorder, personal crisis.
  • If the family is experiencing a family crisis.

In the past partners could distract themselves from conflicts by doing their work, meeting with friends, or with some other activities. Now there is no such opportunity.

So, how to solve this problem?

Psychologists recommend to stay emotionally open to your partner and not to hide your feelings. People are often afraid of scandals and misunderstandings but this is not a bad way to resolve conflicts. Perceive quarrels and unpleasant conversations as a point of growth and an opportunity to understand each other. During quarantine it is hard to avoid stress, quarrels will happen but stress is not lethal and quarreling doesn’t mean the end of everything. You need to talk about your dissatisfaction but avoid psychological pressure and manipulation. Express your discontent in a soft way. A partner always responds better to a «lighter» voice.

How to start a dialogue for people who usually don’t discuss their dissatisfaction? Focus on yourself and your feelings. First of all, talk what you think and feel. It is a good practice not only for your family relationship. It is a first step to understand yourself, so try to analyze your thoughts and feelings more often.

In conditions when it is not possible to go to work many couples spend time each staring in his/her own computer. How destructively it may be for family relationships? Now it will not hurt if this style is acceptable for the family and has not destroyed it before. In conditions of forced quarantine, it is not worth trying to spend too much time together, it won’t be good for anyone. Personal space and personal resource activities are important.

How should couples who live in a limited space build prosperous relationships?

It is needed to have some kind of activity when there’s no place to spend time apart. Read, listen to music in headphones, knit, do some physical activity. It means leave some space for yourself.

Something will happen to the relationships anyway, but everything is possible to carry over if there is a place for emotional intimacy and if partners have a high level of emotional intelligence.

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