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Health and TipsJul.25.2020

How safe is your workplace?

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The coronavirus has put millions of people in their homes. However, in different countries, the government asks those who cannot work from home to go to their workplaces, offices – if it is safe. How safe is your place?

The British National Statistical Office processed data obtained from surveys of workers in the United States and sorted occupations according to the degree of risk of contracting Covid-19 to other people. It should be noted that the researches were conducted prior to the outbreak of the pandemic and strict social distance.

In some cases, workers find it not so complex to adapt to new ways of working, including “telecommuting”. Of course, if we talk about the United States, in other countries the degree of proximity to people and the risk of infection may differ, but in general, the results of the research can be considered reflecting the situation in most wealthy countries.

Most of the professions associated with contact with other people and a high risk of infection are related to medicine. At the opposite end of the spectrum are artists, lawyers, and office professionals such as marketing and labor relations professionals or financial advisors.

Cleaners, prison guards, and funeral agency workers are at high risk of infection, although they have relatively little contact with people. This category includes, for example, hairdressers, bar workers, actors, and taxi drivers.

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In which profession is the highest rate of deaths?

Other data shown by the UK statistics service showed that deaths in the health sector in the UK is on average no higher than in others, especially social security staff have died at a faster rate. These professions are to a large extent associated with working with people and with the risk of infection. Why hasn’t death increased?

It can happen because of increasing use of personal protection, such as masks and gloves, by healthcare providers. They also make sure that they are hygienic by washing their hands often and thoroughly.

Another group of people with a high death rate from coronavirus are taxi drivers. This job ranks high on the list of closeness to others, especially among those professions which are still relevant during the pandemic. Sports instructors, hairdressers or bar workers also often and a lot communicate with others, but now all these establishments are closed, and their staff is in quarantine.

Since under normal conditions taxi drivers are less likely to encounter infectious diseases, the culture of personal hygiene (wearing masks and gloves, frequent hand washing) may be less developed. Some companies install dividing baffles in their taxis and distribute masks and gloves to drivers to protect both them and passengers.

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