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World mapMay.18.2020

How restaurants adjust to pandemic conditions all over the world


Separate cabins, glass partitions and dummies sitting at the tables: restaurants around the world change their work because of the pandemic.

Restaurants are still unable to accept guests in most countries but some of them have already begun to prepare for the ending of quarantine.

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected not only people’s health, but also business: many companies had to suspend their work.

Restaurants also had to close down in order not to put employees and visitors at risk. Experts believe a large percentage of them may not open when the restrictions are removed.

The seriousness of the situation made restaurateurs think about how they could start working after quarantine and at the same time provide the safety of people.

For example, The Inn at Little Washington restaurant will place dummies at the tables to help guests keep the distance.

A similar decision was made by a restaurant owners in Thailand. They have put toy pandas, which will also help visitors to keep the distance. The country has eased the restrictions, and restaurants have been allowed to open as long as they comply with strict safety requirements. Visitors to the restaurant say that pandas help them navigate where to sit and where not to sit.

The Mediamatic Restaurant in Amsterdam has prepared a project that will allow guests to visit the restaurant safely after the restrictions will be cancelled. Visitors are offered to sit in accommodations in separate booths. It was possible to reserve time to visit the restaurant since May 21, but now it is all booked until the end of June.

mcdonalds pic

In addition, the Netherlands is testing a special safe version of McDonald’s. Waiting areas on the street are marked so that visitors keep a distance. A hand-washing station has been installed at the entrance to the hall. An administrator meets the guests and gives them a locator. The employees themselves stand behind the counter that is fenced off by the glass. The waiter brings the food right to the table. The tables are separated by glass partitions.

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