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How many coronavirus cases remain undetected?

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New corona cases appeared in almost every country in the world after a massive outbreak in Wuhan, China. More and more people were infected in recent weeks despite the tough quarantine regime. This takes us to 8,000 death cases mark.

But how is it possible? Are strict quarantine measures not enough?

The mild severity of symptoms may be a possible factor that influenced such a widespread of coronavirus.

This means that a person doesn’t feel any pronounced symptoms while being struck by a virus. This condition can be easily confused with a cold or general malaise.  As a result, such a person will freely move around the inhabited zone, passing the disease on.

Fortunately, a certain scientific method was developed. It gives the opportunity to calculate the approximate number of infected people. Scientists have built a mathematical model to determine how many cases of coronavirus diseases remain in the shadows.

This model is based on the statistics of the examined patients and follows the travel routes of people from the epicenter of infection, until the ban on movement.

It showed that approximately 85 percent of infected people remain unidentified.

These facts can be very disturbing since this number increases the official number of infected people by 6 or 7 times. And this is more than a million people.

This hidden nature of the virus greatly complicates the process of identifying patients, hospitalization and the introduction of effective quarantine. After all, everyone on the street can be a potential threat despite a healthy appearance.

Restricting communication between settlements and global quarantine as well as self-isolation will be effective steps to fight this virus.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict where the coronavirus will go next with such pitfall.

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