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Health and TipsMar.05.2020

How long does the coronavirus live on different surfaces?

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Can I get infected by COVID-19 in case of opening a parcel from AliExpress?
What about books from the library or the gym bar?

We’re considering how long the coronavirus has lived on different surfaces, based on existing research, WHO data and the opinion of Susan Wootton and Michael Chang, two infectious disease specialists at McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas.

Although research is still going the WHO reports that the behavior of COVID-19 is in common to other coronaviruses that are already studied.

Coronavirus life varies from hours to days on different surfaces. It depends not only on the material but also on temperature and humidity. In the laboratory, it was found that coronaviruses live up to 9 days.

Books in the library are relatively safe, says Wootton. At the same time, there are many dangers in the library: the virus can be on shelves with popular books (if they are open) and on tables in the reading room. You need to be more careful with everything that other people often touch.

  • Gym equipment, shopping carts and baskets in the supermarket, door handles, and toys in kindergarten can be dangerous, while individual lockers and other things that you do not share with other people should be fine.
  • If you touch a potentially contaminated object, wash your hands and do not touch your face as soon as possible.
  • According to the WHO, the risk of infection from parcels is minimal.
  • Your smartphone should be cleaned for sure. We carry it everywhere, take it out of a pocket or bag many times a day, and it can be a real breeding ground for diseases. Ultraviolet cleaning devices are quite suitable. If possible, do not bring your smartphone to your face and talk on the speakerphone or headphones (but remember to clean them regularly too).
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