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Do I have Corona?Jun.16.2020

How long does immunity to coronavirus last?

how long immunity coronavirus last

Unfortunately, if you have successfully defeated COVID-19, it is not a reason to forget about this disease forever. The immunity developed for coronavirus may disappear in just six months, – warn scientists at the University of Amsterdam.

For 35 years, a team of researchers led by Lia van der Hoek regularly checked 10 men for 4 coronaviruses that cause a cold. Although in most cases the reinfection took place after 3 years, repeated infection was regularly observed also after 12 months, and the level of antibodies in men’s bodies significantly decreased after 6 months. Thus, those who had COVID-19 become vulnerable to a potentially deadly virus again after only six months – this, according to researchers, raises the question of how soon those infected should actually return to normal life. «Immunity to the coronavirus is short-lived», says van der Hoek, «and collective immunity can be difficult to create because of the vulnerability of patients’ immune systems».

More than 7 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide recently.

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