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How Italian culture had influenced the spread of COVID-19?


Representatives of the World Health Organization assumed why Italy had the highest COVID-19 mortality rate. This is probably due to the fact that the epidemic was not recognized in time. So, infected citizens were unaware of the infection and continued to live a normal life.

A large part of population is elderly in Italy. According to statistics, about 20 percent of population is above the age of 64. This very layer of the population has a risk to get a coronavirus infection.

However, Italy is not the only country where large percentage of the elderly population is present, so what is the reason for mass infection in this country?

Some experts assume that it depends on the cultural features of Italians. You will barely meet people who welcome each other with a simple handshake in Italy. Mostly they would hug and kiss each other both during a meeting and goodbye. In general, Italians maintain physical contact during communication – often touch, hug and being close to each other during communication. Of course, such a manner is not inherent in all representatives of the nation, but such a cultural feature exists, and, unfortunately, this time their cordiality and openness could play a bad joke.

Another factor that could influence the spread of the virus is that the elderly population in Italy is very active: people walk, go to cafes, meet friends and often get together in large companies. Such a pleasant feature could have affected the development of infection.

Another distinguishing feature of Italians is sociability. Here people communicate with friends and with strangers and communicate a lot.

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