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World mapApr.06.2020

How corporations and the largest companies of the world react on COVID-19

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Undoubtedly, the coronavirus has affected all areas of live and has changed it radically: mass quarantine is introduced, shops are closed, people work from home and air transportation is cancelled. The virus has caused enormous damage to the economy; it has even affected the social sphere. In this regard, we provide information on how corporations and large companies have reacted to the pandemic during the past few days.

  • Moncler donated €10 million to build a hospital in Milan.
  • Prada has donated medical equipment to Italian clinics.
  • The BBDO agency has supported its employees and now they are working from the home.
  • The Faberlic brand will produce disinfectants.
  • WHO will tell about the coronavirus in TikTok.
  • Supreme has temporarily closed its stores in the US, Europe and Japan.
  • «Alibaba»’s founder donated masks and coronavirus tests to the United States.
  • McDonald’s will close the dining areas in American restaurants because of the coronavirus.
  • Bvlgari made a donation to a research to fight coronavirus.
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