CORVID/World map/High record of new Covid-19 cases. Will Great Britain close the borders?
World mapJul.21.2020

High record of new Covid-19 cases. Will Great Britain close the borders?

the lockdown

According to the WHO information, the number of coronavirus in the world over the last 24 years has gone up to 260 thousand.

For a tribute from the WHO, a number of new splashes have transformed four per million in one day.

The total number of coronavirus victims worldwide has exceeded 600 thousand. Almost a quarter of these are in the United States.

Meanwhile, President Trump insists that the United States has one of the lowest deaths from Covid-19 in the world, despite the fact that the total number of deaths from this disease has exceeded 140 thousand.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump refused to accept data from Johns Hopkins University, which clearly contradicts what the president claims.

Epidemic Center – Florida

Trump said that statistics on cases in the United States increased as the country began to conduct significantly more tests for coronavirus. He also said that most of the newly infected are young people who only have a runny nose – and they will recover quickly.

In the United States, the strongest outbreaks of Covid-19 are observed in the southern states, which have long delayed the introduction of quarantines and mandatory wearing of masks – in Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Florida is currently the center of the epidemic in the United States, where more than 337 thousand infected and more than 5 thousand deaths from the coronavirus have been registered. Parts of Miami have imposed curfews: people are not allowed to show up after 8:00 pm in the most popular tourist areas.

covid19  picture

EU economic recovery plans in question

The third day of talks between EU countries on a large-scale plan for economic recovery affected by the coronavirus epidemic does not seem to lead to a consensus. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the leaders of European states personally came to the summit – before that they met only by video conference.

Will Britain close for a new quarantine?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not like to introduce another quarantine across the country in the event of a new wave of Covid-19.
Earlier, Boris Johnson said that he expects that life in the country will more or less return to normal by Christmas.

The country’s government has endowed local councils with the ability to introduce local quarantine measures to suppress new outbreaks. Local authorities have the right to stop trading, cancel events, and close parks and other public places. At the same time, epidemiologists do not share the Prime Minister’s optimism.

The main scientific adviser to the British government, Patrick Vallance, said that in the winter the country will face more serious difficulties, and there is a considerable risk that national quarantine will again be necessary.

What is going on the other side

Despite the fact that India is already in third place in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world, the peak incidence in this country has not yet passed, scientists warn, and it may still be several months before it. During the day, about 35 thousand new cases of infection and 670 deaths associated with coronavirus were registered here.

Western European countries for the most part manage to keep the spread of the virus under control, they continue to open borders and resume business.

However, there are localized outbreaks in Spain – the strongest of them in the north of the country, in Catalonia.

More than 1000 new cases were reported in this region per day. More than four million residents of Barcelona and the surrounding areas are required to stay at home for 15 days.

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