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Hachiko from Wuhan. The dog waited for his owner for 3 months

hatiko from wuhan

The dog waited for three months at the hospital for the return of his owner, who was hospitalized with coronavirus. Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen: the owner could not cope with the disease, and now the dog is looking for a new family.

In February, a Chinese resident was hospitalized with the Coronavirus and his dog came after him because he didn’t want to leave his beloved owner.

A woman who works in a shop at the hospital named the dog Xiao-Bao and she had an opportunity to shelter him for a while at the shop. The woman tried to take the dog at home, but Xiao-Bao refused to leave the hospital.

However, sanitary standards do not allow keeping animals in the store and some patients may be afraid of dogs, so Xiao Bao had to leave the temporary home.

A shop assistant contacted Wuhan’s Animal Welfare Association and asked them to take the dog and to find him a new family.

Xiao-Bao was very worried when he saw the association’s staff, but they had been playing with him for quite some time at the store and the dog trusted them. After that, Xiao Bao even let them take him away on a leash.

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