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World mapJul.10.2020

Google maps now notify people of travel restrictions

So, the map service will show warnings from the local transport authorities.

Users will also be notified of checkpoints associated with the coronavirus.

Before that Google had launched a website with user movement data to combat COVID-19.

The company believes that during a pandemic you need to know how busy a train station may be certain time and whether a bus rides on a limited schedule.

“In our latest version of Google Maps for Android and iOS we present features that will help you easily find important information if you need to travel, whether it’s by car or on public transport”, the press release says.

Maps will show alerts from local transport authorities. They will be sent to people in countries that provide data to Google. So far, this feature is working in a number of countries, but the list will be bigger later. 

The service will also notify Coronavirus-related checkpoints, in particular at the borders of countries. The function will initially be available in Canada, USA and Mexico.

In early April Google launched a website with data on user movements to combat coronavirus proliferation. There users can track their movements during the pandemic. This information is primarily intended for health authorities. The company hopes that these reports will help authorities in different countries to make decisions about measures to combat COVID-19.

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