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World mapApr.20.2020

Google has donated 800 million dollars to fight Covid-19


Alphabet, a Google parent company, plans to donate more than $800 million for funds that focus on production of medical equipment to fight COVID-19. Part of this money will be given as promotional credits to government, medical organizations and businesses. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, has declared this information on Friday.

According to Pichai the company is working with Magid Glove and Safety to produce 2 to 3 million masks and it will financially support efforts to increase production capacity for special medical equipment and personal protective equipment.

The global coronavirus pandemic has killed nearly 25000 people worldwide and has overloaded healthcare systems in a great number of countries; as a result shortages of medical equipment (including masks and IVF systems) have appeared.

«Alphabet will provide $340 million as advertising credits at Google platform for small and medium-sized business; $250 million are donated as advertising grants for the World Health Organization and various government agencies», – Pichai said on his blog.

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