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Self isolation activitiesMay.04.2020

Free library became a free storage room during pandemic

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Free library became a free storage room during pandemic

The Brookwith Elementary Free Library became a small free storage room now due to Shelley Anderson from Minnesota. Shelly wanted to do something positive for people during these difficult times.

Anderson’s friend told her there is such a practice to transform outdoor premises into places where people can get food or essentials if it is needed. Shelley immediately came up with the idea. She asked her children how would they feel about the fact if their free library in junior school will be redesigned in storage room. Children were happy to support the idea and got involved in the process of creating such a store.

“Our idea was approved and we decided to fill the closet with everything people may need – toilet paper and paper towels, some groats and fruit”. The bookcase itself was changed a bit – the door was removed so that people could have less contact with the surfaces.

After a while Shelly noticed the shelves in the closet quickly became empty and then filled with new products. People started to get actively involved, they took products they needed and brought something new.

«I see a lot of neighbors help and it inspires me», says Anderson. «I see my children are getting involved in this process and I see how it affects them. It is an indispensable experience to help people».

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