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Health and TipsJun.14.2020

Ford came up with how to protect the police officers from the coronavirus

police officers protection

Ford’s solution is as follows: the coronavirus does not withstand high temperatures, so climate control and the car’s transmission raises the temperature in the cabin to 133 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it at this value for about 15 minutes. Ford explains that the police often do not have time to disinfect the car thoroughly, so they will especially need this method.

There is no need to install anything in the car – the function will be added through a software update to the car. The disinfection can be activated using a special device connected to the car diagnostic port in older cars; in newer cars – using a special combination of cruise control keys.

«Nobody wants this feature to be activated by accident, so its activation is quite a complicated process – so you can keep an eye on what’s going on», explained Bill Gabing, Head of Passenger Cars and SUV.

Ford says that this method kills more than 99% of viruses in the cabin. Specialists from Ohio State University worked with Ford specialists to solve this problem.

The feature is already available on Ford Police Interceptor Utility 2013-2020.

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