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Share your feelingsApr.12.2020

“Even the bones hurt”

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The British told us what happened to him after he has got infected with coronavirus

A few weeks of fighting with the disease at home. Day after day. Connor Reed, a 25-year-old British man from Wales, was the first person from the United Kingdom who got the coronavirus in Wuhan. It happened when COVID-19 was just starting to spread in November 2019. Connor told the Daily Mail about his fight against the disease.


Monday, November 25. I have a cold. I sneeze, my eyes are a little blurry. But it’s not enough to keep me from going to work. I came to China to teach English and I’m a manager at a school in Wuhan, where I’ve been living for the last seven months.

My cold shouldn’t be particularly contagious so I’m leaving the house not without a doubt. I live alone so I don’t think I can infect anyone else. There’s nothing about any virus on the news yet.


I have a sore throat. What my mother did when I was a kid? I prepared a mug of hot water with honey for myself.


I don’t smoke and I am not into drinking alcohol. I need to get over that cold immediately so I could stay healthy for work. I add some whiskey to my honey drink. It is only for therapeutic purposes. I think it’s called a hot punch.


Slept like a child last night. Chinese whiskey is a cure for all known ailments. I have another hot punch for tonight.


The cold’s gone.


I feel terrible. It’s not just a cold anymore. My head hurts, my head buzzes, my eyes burn, my throat squeezes. The disease reached my chest, and I started coughing abruptly.

It’s the flu, and I’m gonna need something more than a mug of hot honey with or without the wonderful whiskey component to make me feel properly. The symptoms heated me in the daytime like a train, and I’m not going to work tomorrow if no miracle happens overnight. I don’t just feel bad, I don’t want to give this flu to any of my colleagues.


I didn’t go out to work today. I warned that I’d probably miss all week. Even my bones hurt. It’s hard to imagine I’ll get over it soon. It hurts to even get out of bed. I lean on pillows, watch TV, and try not to cough too much because it hurts.


Even my kitten doesn’t seem to be feeling well. He has lost his appetite like me.

DAY 10

I still have a fever. I drank a quarter bottle of whiskey. I don’t think the hot punch was a big deal.

DAY 11

Suddenly I feel better, at least physically. But my poor kitten died. I don’t understand if he had what I had or if cats can even get human flu. I feel sick.

DAY 12

There’s been a loss. The flu covered me with renewed vigor. My breathing is hard. I can’t breathe and I’m exhausted. I swear I have a fever, I’m dizzy, my whole body shakes. It’s a nightmare.

I feel like I’m choking. I’ve never been so sick in my life. I can’t do anything more than a breath of air, and when I exhale, my lungs sound like a shrinking paper bag. I need to see a doctor, but if I call the ER, I have to pay for the car by myself. It’ll cost a fortune. I’m sick, but I don’t think I’m dying.

Of course, I could survive a taxi ride. I decided to go to Junnan University Hospital because many foreign doctors are studying there. It’s not very rational but I want to see a British doctor in my feverish condition. The hospital has diagnosed pneumonia. That’s why my lungs make that sound. They sent me for a six-hour examination.

DAY 13

I got back to my apartment late last night. The doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat pneumonia, but I don’t want to take them. I’m afraid that my body will become drug-resistant and they won’t help if I will get seriously ill. I’m going to fight the disease with more traditional remedies if I can. Well, I know it’s pneumonia now. I’m only 25 years old and I’m generally healthy. I’m telling myself that there’s no cause for alarm.

DAY 19

I feel better. I started to smell what my neighbors are cooking and I think I may have an appetite for the first time in almost 2 weeks.

DAY 22

I was expecting to get back to work today but bad luck. The pneumonia’s gone, but my body hurts like I’ve been running over by an ice rink now. My nose is burning and my eardrums are ready to burst.

DAY 36

I went to the store. Chinese leaders are afraid of the new disease that’s flattening in the city. There are stories of limitations and travel restraints. I know that it would mean panic shopping in stores. I need to stock up on necessities before this whole thing starts.

DAY 52

The hospital notified me that I had been infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus. I guess I must be glad that I can’t catch it again (now I have immunity). But I still have to wear a mask like everyone else, otherwise, I’m at risk of being arrested. The Chinese authorities are trying very carefully to contain the virus.

DAY 67

The entire planet has discovered about the coronavirus. I said a few fellows about it on Facebook and the news have got to the media somehow.

I may have caught up the Covid-19 at the fish store. It’s a magnificent station to buy cheap food so I shop there regularly. I’ve seen the hysterical news (especially in the U.S. media) that bats and even koalas are sold in this market but I’ve never seen anything like it. The strangest thing I’ve ever seen is the whole carcasses of pigs and lamb.

DAY 72

Tuesday, February 4. The newspapers seem to think it’s terrible that I tried to cure myself with a hot punch. I’m trying to explain that I had no idea about my illness at the time, but they don’t desire to understand it. The heading in the New York Post reads: “A teacher from the UK claims he defeated the coronavirus with hot whiskey and honey”. I wish that it can be so easy.

The world has already recorded more than 95 thousand cases of infection with new coronavirus before 5 March. 80 000 – in China, 6 000 – in South Korea, about 3 000 – in Italy and Iran. The spread of COVID-19 can be tracked by using a special online card.

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