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Self isolation activitiesMay.01.2020

Coursera opens access to their courses because of quarantine

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We have fantastic news! Online platform Coursera has opened up access to many courses during the quarantine. Now you can start studying during restrictive mesures of COVID-19! Continue reading to know more!

«Coursera community makes a global effort to help universities and colleges to provide educational software on the Internet to minimize the impact of the coronavirus outbreak», says the education platform website transmits.

Coursera has opened up access to more than 3,800 courses and 400 specializations for university students so they can continue their studies. And this really cool that you can do it for free.

These courses will be free from March 12 to July 31. The company will decide whether to continue the open access depending on how the situation will develop in the future. Students will have access to courses until September 30 if they register before July 31, but there are some limitations. Only partner universities will have free access to the courses. So universities have to register on this platform to allow their students to use the information for free.

Much interesting information on this site is still paid. It costs 34 dollars a month or 49 dollars a month – it depends on the selected tariff. The online platform does not offer discounts on the quarantine time.

Although you can choose a trial free 7-day period that is not enough for passing the full course and getting a certificate.

However, there is one free and quite relevant course about coronavirus “Science Matters: Let’s Talk About COVID-19”. The certificate is not to be given after passing it. Also, there will be a free webinar about coronavirus on March 24.

Thank you for reading our article! Stay safe!

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