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Do I have Corona?Apr.27.2020

Coronavirus: Is apocalyptic prognosis appropriate?

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The recent coronavirus outbreak has plunged society into panic. People are buying up food and medicine on a massive scale, strict quarantine has been imposed in many countries, and doctors are sounding the alarm over the inability to develop a vaccine against the disease. The modern world as we knew it until recently is looking like the script of an apocalyptic movie. But is there something to worry about at all?

Can the coronavirus lead to something terrible and irreversible? Or is it just another disease that mankind can cope with?

It is of turning to the past to clarify the view of the situation. Coronavirus is very weak and not contagious compared to recent epidemics. Mass panic looks absurd if you compare it to the Black Death of the 14th century since the coronavirus is much less lethal than Ebola or swine flu.

It doesn’t mean that COVID-19 isn’t dangerous. It means it shouldn’t be seen as the end of the world. There were an attempts to create a vaccine in the US, and we see that it is possible to isolate a large area of infection with China as an example.

In addition, the recovery rate is ten times higher than the death rate from this virus.

The real reason for such panic is the rapid spread of this disease and its symptoms. It is known that the virus can disguise itself as other diseases or run in a mild form, making it difficult to detect and control its spread.

Around 98 per cent of the world’s population will survive this epidemic in the worst-case scenario. And it doesn’t exactly look like an apocalypse.

Of course, this outbreak is a severe blow to everyone and is a harsh test for the world’s healthcare system.

Panic and anxiety in society are more frightening than the very threat of getting sick. The unpredictable behavior of the masses can be particularly disturbing. People dared almost everything from the shelves, including personal care products and vital items such as food, filtered water, antiseptics and protective masks in the first weeks of the pandemic.

Mass diseases aren’t something truly horrible. After all, almost all of us got sick with chickenpox or some form of influenza as a child. Coronavirus will be another test of humanity’s strength.

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